Space Walk
On the back of our hugely successful social campaign for EuroMillions in June we reached for the stars again to promote the EuroMillions Jackpot Event in September, which carried an astronomical £124m prize pot. We gave away £1k an hour on Facebook to fans that correctly found and identified the luxury objects floating around the farthest reaches of the galaxy in our 360 interactive videos. Caviar, bath robes, tiaras – it’s scary what multi-millionaire space tourists lose when they attempt a space walk…

Facebook 360°
We created ten 360° videos for Facebook, launching one an hour the day before the EuroMillions Jackpot draw. Each video hid a suitably bling EuroMillions space tourism item. Users had to pan around the galactic scene and identify the object, then comment below the video to be eligible to win £1,000.

The National Lottery

Waste Creative

Art Director/Designer

Out of this World Competition 1

Teaser Post
A teaser video announced the upcoming competition, with the information displayed on a bespoke wrist device.

Results Post
The ten winners’ names were inserted into mission patches on Astronaut’s space suits and announced in a video across social the following morning.

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