Pancake Day

For Pancake Day we engaged with Tesco’s social audience, by encouraging them to try something new and different. On this Pancake Day they had the opportunity to satisfy their wanderlust and their tastebuds. They journeyed 4 simple and delicious pancake recipes from around the world.


BBH London


Pancake’s Film

One Pot

We inspired the nation to get cooking this winter, using Tesco’s social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) showcasing a series of short films of delicious, and simple one pot recipes. All the goodness without any of the hassle of cleaning up afterwards.

Healthy Hangovers

January is the month of the health conscious, and this is no different on social media. For Tesco’s social audience, indulgence and health converge in the form of Healthy Hangover recipes. We created social content which showcased this premise, that hangover feed needn’t be bad for you.

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