In 2015 I was a part of a joint-venture into the NIN3LIVES label, lead by my friend and colleague who I met at BBH London, who was Digital Design Lead. My involvement was as a digital designer, developer and creative. Together we built a brand, using his illustrations, designing/developing a Shopify ecommerce website, as well as shooting original content for social media channels.

NIN3LIVES is an independent streetwear fashion label, founded in MMXV. The superior men’s and women’s outfitter. Supplying the finest: fire printed tee’s, snapbacks, jackets and hoodies.

All our products are painstakingly detailed to the highest calibre. Produced on a rare, limited quantity run. To preserve the original stories they instil, and our craft doctrine. Accept no counterfeits.

Life on the road is high-octane. It requires integrity, personality and passion, that’s our drive. A superior streetwear fashion label, influenced by American classics, craftsmanship, detailing and workwear basics.

We believe in individuality. We support outsiders, artists, musicians, photographers, party animals and all creative like-minded souls.

Our first collection exhibits a path that we want you to take, a road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Travel, visit the places, the venues, and meet the characters for yourself. Create your own story.

Work hard/play hard.

Digital Designer/Creative/Developer

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