Lotto GIF Tags and Surprise and Delight

For Lotto’s Christmas campaign (and beyond), Waste Creative produced a GIF tagging based campaign, that adopted the spirit of the season, the spirit of giving, gifting (…and GIF’ing).

I art directed the campaign, working collaboratively during the early conceptual stages, with the assigned Waste Creative team, including Strategists, Writers, and more. The idea was to bolster and build upon Lotto’s above the line creative “#IWinYouWin”.

I provided hands-on direction and leadership to the Designer’s working on the campaign, whereby I provided templates, working files and rigorous feedback. I also had oversight of the video selection and animation.

The campaign played out primarily over Facebook, Facebook Polls and Instagram Story Polls.


  • Competition entries were 23% higher than the October/November #IWinYouWin activity on Facebook
  • This campaign saw improvements on previous campaigns and managed to make #IWinYouWin remain fresh
  • The performance of new styles of post to the channels was really positive and provided a fresh way to showcase the #IWinYouWin platform…. “We’d definitely look to revisit these content streams going forward and do some further testing with our fans.”
  • The positioning video contributed to the 59% positivity seen on the day of the event, which is a significant difference to the sentiment on our channels on the day of the Christmas Eve raffle event in 2016 when positivity was at 24%


Waste Creative

Art Director/Designer

Tag the person who refuses to wear a silly Christmas hat!

Tag the person who always falls asleep after Christmas Dinner!

Competition Posts

Instagram Story Polls

Lotto Surprise and Delight

As part of Lotto’s “Surprise and Delight” campaign, a campaign where Lotto randomly selected and awarded followers who were worthy of a heart-warming gesture.

Representing Waste Creative, I art directed Lotto’s case study film whereby I was on location with the production company Green Bullet, created the shot-list, storyboards prior to shooting with recommendations, worked collaboratively with one of Waste’s Writers to sell-in the original concept and script.

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